Are You Hung Up on the "PhD Problem"?: WellStart Podcast 005

Josh and Howard take to Facebook live to break down an insidious dynamic that keeps people stuck when they try to change their lifestyles and diets: The PhD Problem.

As in, complicating things and worrying about advanced topics or minutiae before addressing and mastering the basics.


Ridiculous Generationalizations

Josh LaJaunie explains why focusing on macronutrients is disempowering. And why surrendering to nature when it comes to food is the simplest, easiest, and most successful approach to weight loss and health.

Protein is good? Then eat only protein? Fat is necessary for brain health? Then let's pile on the fat, no matter how much or what kind. Carbs are now good? Cool, let's call ourselves carbivores.

All insanity. Taking a tiny slice of reality out of context, and applying it to every situation. 

Why It's Better to Be a C Student Sometimes: WellStart Podcast 003

Many of us like to aim for perfection when we can. We always tried to get A's in school. To get stellar annual reviews. To never let a typo or misspelling get past us.

And we bring that attitude into our attempts to change our lifestyles and diets. Which is cool.

And usually counterproductive. Because we don't try to eat better and live cleaner in a vacuum. We've got the rest of our demanding, messy lives to deal with.

Jobs. Relationships. Finances. Responsibilities. 

And trying to get an A+ in food might mean doing sub-optimally in another area or two.

In this conversation, Howard and Glenn discuss the siren song of perfectionism, and why it usually comes back to bite us as we attempt to make progresss.

And yes, I left that typo in the last paragraph on purpose. Just to see if I could do it :)