Why Should Employers Pay to Improve Employee Health?

Josh and Howard argue that employers will reap much greater benefit than just lower health insurance costs and claims when their workers get healthy.

What’s your story? Did you get more productive and smarter when you improved your diet and lifestyle?

How to Dominate Your Cravings: WellStart Podcast 009

As Glenn Livingston says in this conversation, the alpha wolf doesn’t walk through the pack afraid.

Discover how to dominate your cravings and act like the leader of your own internal pack in this hard-hitting discussion of cravings, power, and decision.

Group Coaching Demo: Bedtime Struggles, Getting Ripped, Handling Cravings

What’s group coaching like? Does it work? Is it uncomfortable? Is there a benefit to being part of a community of support?

Group coaching is at the heart of the WellStart Method, so we wanted to show it to you in action. A bunch of volunteers bravely agreed to share their challenges with the world on this Facebook Live group coaching demo led by Josh LaJaunie, Kevin Davis, and Howard Jacobson.

Join the Program

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Become a Coach

Would you like to help others achieve their health and fitness goals? To stomp their cravings? To dominate the voice that tells them to stay in bed and not get their movement in? To embrace plant-based living and stick with it in the face of family and social pressure?

Email me at howard@wellstarthealth.com and I’ll add you to the notification list for the next training.

So You're Not a Runner? Facebook Live #5

Imagine a dolphin who just doesn’t like swimming, or the feel of water.

Consider a bird who’s just not into the whole flying thing.

Now look at us - humans, the ultimate bipedal animals. And so many of us think that we “just aren’t runners.”

We can reject our evolutionary heritage about as easily as a dolphin or a bird to reject theirs. It just takes a few more decades to catch up to us.

Josh and Howard break it down on today’s Facebook Live. Enjoy!

ACLM welcomes WellStart Health to Corporate Roundtable

We’re thrilled to announce our deepening partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. We’ve been accepted to their corporate roundtable - and here’s the press release to prove it - which means we will benefit from the groundbreaking research and advocacy on this sanest and most effective branch of medical practice.

And, we hope, ACLM will get the benefit of our experiments and innovations in the business world.

For example, Olivia and Howard returned yesterday from the Self-Insured Institute of America annual conference. We talked with lots of vendors and aggregators and brokers and practitioners about how to fix healthcare. There’s a growing acknowledgment in the industry that health insurance is a big part of the problem, and therefore can be a big part of the solution.

Well, what about insurance models based on outcome, rather than the amount of services rendered? What if a healthy eating intervention or a stress-busting intervention or a “get off your ass and move” intervention were covered by insurance? What if the standards of care - drugs and operations - were seen as last-resorts rather than the only game in town?

Those are the kinds of conversations that are all too rare in the insurance world - and the ones we’re pushing everywhere we go.

Thanks, ACLM, for the big honor you’ve bestowed upon us. We’ll do everything we can to justify your faith in us.

Why doesn't WellStart promote a ketogenic diet?

One of our biggest competitors attacks diabetes with what they call a “ketogenic” diet. In a year-long study, they got pretty good numbers. And keto is all the rage. So it would seem to be a no-brainer for us to follow their lead and teach our clients to eat keto. Why don’t we?

Actually, we have only two reasons for telling folks to avoid keto like the plague:

  1. It doesn’t work to reverse diabetes. Instead, it manipulates biomarkers without addressing the root causes.

  2. It leads to significant long-term harm, including risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, and early death.

Want to learn more? Here are some podcast interviews that clear away the smoke and cover the mirrors, and shine a bright light on the actual scientific evidence:

Plant Yourself Podcast #289: Ketogenic Smoke and Mirrors with Robyn Chuter

Plant Yourself Podcast #258: Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes with Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, and Robby Barbaro

Plant Yourself Podcast #282: Sex, Keto, and the Next Generation of Doctors with Joel Kahn, MD

Plant Yourself Podcast #274: The Science of Longevity with Janice Stanger, PhD

Community is Just a Pile of Friends: Facebook Live #4

Josh and Howard talk about the importance of community, and how to behave when you’ve just joined an empowering one. Josh emphasizes the importance of results over rhetoric. Howard is proud of his new office lighting. A good time is had by all.