What? Huh? How to Be More Mindful

“Does the thought of being fully present during the holiday season seem impossible? With office parties, lights to string, presents to wrap and eggnog to drink, it might seem like focusing on moment-to-moment experiences is a resolution best saved for the new year.” - Sara Lindberg

WellStart Chief Habit Nerd Howard Jacobson, PhD, is among several experts featured in this fun and useful SheKnows.com article: “8 Mindfulness Tips to Help You Make It Through the Holidays.”

Why Should Employers Pay to Improve Employee Health?

Josh and Howard argue that employers will reap much greater benefit than just lower health insurance costs and claims when their workers get healthy.

What’s your story? Did you get more productive and smarter when you improved your diet and lifestyle?

How to Dominate Your Cravings: WellStart Podcast 009

As Glenn Livingston says in this conversation, the alpha wolf doesn’t walk through the pack afraid.

Discover how to dominate your cravings and act like the leader of your own internal pack in this hard-hitting discussion of cravings, power, and decision.

Group Coaching Demo: Bedtime Struggles, Getting Ripped, Handling Cravings

What’s group coaching like? Does it work? Is it uncomfortable? Is there a benefit to being part of a community of support?

Group coaching is at the heart of the WellStart Method, so we wanted to show it to you in action. A bunch of volunteers bravely agreed to share their challenges with the world on this Facebook Live group coaching demo led by Josh LaJaunie, Kevin Davis, and Howard Jacobson.

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