What To Do When You're Starting Out and Overwhelmed

When we begin the process of lifestyle change, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options at our fingertips. 

Especially when we look at people who've "figured it out," and count all the ways they do things different from us - it's easy to get overwhelmed. And then freeze, like a deer in the headlights.

Should I join a gym? Take a yoga class? Start jogging? Buy a rowing machine? All of the above, at once?

Should I stop eating fried foods? Eliminate dairy? Eat a salad for lunch every day? Stop eating out with my friends? Cut out alcohol? Quit late-night snacking?

Yikes! No wonder so many of us get stuck. We're in such a "target-rich" environment, we don't know where to shoot first.

In this Facebook Live conversation, Josh and Howard talk about how to move forward from this confusion in a simple, dignified, and practical way. 

The difference between cast-netting and spot-fishing, and the management magic of OKRs.

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