ACLM welcomes WellStart Health to Corporate Roundtable

We’re thrilled to announce our deepening partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. We’ve been accepted to their corporate roundtable - and here’s the press release to prove it - which means we will benefit from the groundbreaking research and advocacy on this sanest and most effective branch of medical practice.

And, we hope, ACLM will get the benefit of our experiments and innovations in the business world.

For example, Olivia and Howard returned yesterday from the Self-Insured Institute of America annual conference. We talked with lots of vendors and aggregators and brokers and practitioners about how to fix healthcare. There’s a growing acknowledgment in the industry that health insurance is a big part of the problem, and therefore can be a big part of the solution.

Well, what about insurance models based on outcome, rather than the amount of services rendered? What if a healthy eating intervention or a stress-busting intervention or a “get off your ass and move” intervention were covered by insurance? What if the standards of care - drugs and operations - were seen as last-resorts rather than the only game in town?

Those are the kinds of conversations that are all too rare in the insurance world - and the ones we’re pushing everywhere we go.

Thanks, ACLM, for the big honor you’ve bestowed upon us. We’ll do everything we can to justify your faith in us.

Howard JacobsonComment