The Biggest Obstacle to Healing

What’s the biggest obstacle to reversing chronic disease and getting to a fit weight?

In my experience, it’s believing that it’s possible in the first place.

Motivation isn’t the problem. Who isn’t motivated to feel good and be healthy and have energy and be pain-free?

But then we don’t eat the healthy food. We don’t move our bodies. We don’t go to bed on time. We don’t meditate.

We have to explain our behavior to ourselves. And for most of us, the default explanation is, “I must not be motivated enough.”

We think we aren’t motivated when what’s really going on is, we don’t believe we can have what we so desperately desire. And to save ourselves from that profound, crushing disappointment, we tell ourselves that we didn’t really want it in the first place.

Dan Brown (of Country Doctor Nutritional Center, not the Da Vinci Code) interviews WellStart Chief of Behavioral Science Howard Jacobson about how to help people make significant lifestyle changes in pursuit of better health outcomes.

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