Josh on Never Passing a Vessel in Distress

WellStart Health Chief Lifestyle Officer Josh LaJaunie explains what motivates him to reach out to help people reverse chronic disease and take back their lives.


"We spent a lot of time in the Gulf of Mexico. He was in the navy, and he taught me how to operate a motor vessel: he taught me port and starboard; he taught me rules of the water; and he taught me to never pass a boat that is in distress.

"And so, here I am. I have something figured out that feels really good, that has changed my life in a major way. And there are a whole bunch of vessels in distress all around me. I see it every day of my life. 

"And so rather than me sit here and try to maintain some weight loss that I've created in my life, finally - now I can do something. It's not me being on the defense any more, from being a fat guy. I'm not defending myself from being fat any more. 

"Now I am on the offense, and I'm actively going and being sort of a first responder, in a way. And helping those vessels that I see in distress all around me. 

"And so it keeps me busy, and it keeps me alert, and it keeps me on fire, and it keeps me moving forward, and it keeps me progress-oriented, and positive, and, you know, empathetic."  

Recorded at the Transformation of Addiction panel at Engine 2's Plantstock 2018. Thanks to Engine 2 for permission to use this clip.

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