Pillar #2: Movement

The video below shares Josh's journey, from being a morbidly obese 420-pound college dropout to a competitive ultra-runner. 

Take 5 minutes to watch it, and then enjoy the lesson below.

Why is movement so important to the Big Change Program?

Think back to the key words we used to talk about menu: "natural" and "authentic."

If you want to express your authentic, glorious, human nature, you need to eat like a human.

And you also need to move like a human.

So what is natural human movement?

We Are Animals, Remember?

Birds fly. Kangaroos hop. Springboks pronk (look it up on YouTube if you need a smile). 

And humans walk and run. That's how we do.

We've got curvy, muscular asses that allow us to run farther than any other species on the planet.

We've got the ability to balance indefinitely on two legs, with hands free for climbing trees and picking fruit.

And we've got skin that sweats, so we can maintain a safe body temperature even when running across vast, hot distances.

"I'm not a runner"

We hear that all the time. And 99% of the time, we call Bullshit.

Because if you're human, you're a runner. It's in your bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. It's in your DNA. 

And in the ancestral environment, before Jeeps and Hummers and Teslas and golf carts at Walmart, not being a runner meant one thing: You were going to end up as lion turd.

So you may not like running. You may find it unpleasant and difficult. (Especially if you're anywhere near as overweight as Josh was.) You may have trouble even walking to the end of your driveway at the moment.

None of that matters. 

Once you start moving - doing more today than you did yesterday - things start happening. 

As poet Mary Oliver puts it in "Wild Geese":

"You just have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves."

You'll quickly discover that the soft animal of your body exults in bipedal locomotion - in other words, walking and jogging and running.

Just as the peregrine falcon exults in flight, and the bottle-nose dolphin celebrates its existence by swimming and leaping and twisting in the water-speckled sunlight.

Running isn't the only thing, of course. There's dance and yoga and tennis and martial arts and swimming and cycling and softball and playing on the floor with the children and a million other ways to move.

What running is, though, is fundamental. 

In the Big Change Program, everyone becomes a runner. 

As Josh says, "If for some reason you can't run with your legs, run with your heart."

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